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KeiFei Testobolin 325 (test mix)
... (test mix) Havent been able to find to much info on testobolin 325 and dosages....... and if stacking would be better........ My first cycle was 500mg sus and 300 of deca for ... which i want to bring it in at the end of the cycle...... ive ended up getting 5 bottles of testobolin and 1 of stanazol and thinking of running it for 16 weeks This is what ive come up with::: 400 ...
Alpha Pharma Testobolin (test-e) Reviews ??
Alpha Pharma Testobolin (test-e) Reviews ?? Hi guys, received my Alpha Pharma Testobolin (test -e) today and is legit stuff (MUMBAI) - Just wondering what gains people have got from this and if its any good - seen mixed reviews !!
starting off on Testobolin 325??
starting off on Testobolin 325?? hi guys just a few questions im thinking of starting off my cycle with Testobolin 325 but im wondering if this is the best for me? im 23 lean build unknown bf% but low also when taking this what kal intake will i need and also how often and doseage to take, cheers
Testobolin 325
... 55mg, test Phenylpropionate 55mg and test Cypionate 85mg) Since I have recently got my hands on a 10mL vial of Testobolin 325. Im not keen on starting for another 6 months or so until I have researched fully and prepared myself. So my Questions are: Would Testobolin 325 be a good first cycle to start on? What Dosages per week would be recommended? What Post Cycyle Therapy ...
best human grade sust and test e?????
... test e????? best human grade sust and test e?????. Just lookign for some opinions im thinking of (sust infar) or Testobolin-Alpha-Pharma (test e) The kind a MD prescribes to you. upjohn or schering, some of the euro stuff is ...
First time Test E cycle - PCT questions
First time Test E cycle - PCT questions Hi all. I have got my hands on 20 ams of Testobolin (test E) 250mg/1ml. I am going to do a cycle of 500mg per week, and am just sorting out ... 5 years. Bodyfat is low. Quote posted by jm1g Hi all. I have got my hands on 20 ams of Testobolin (test E) 250mg/1ml. I am going to do a cycle of 500mg per week, and am just sorting out ...
First cycle. Advice/tips please.
... % body fat and my tertiary goal is maintaining my current muscle mass. I currently have 2 vials (20ml's) of testobolin 325 (test blend 325mg per ml), 2 vials (20ml's) of deca - nandrolone decanoate (300mg per ml), 2 vials (20ml ...
First real cycle (Test only) (10wks Test+PCT) (Few minor Q's)
... . I summed up a basic cycle for me (I think ) What I'm gonna use is 4 products from AP, Testobolin (test E), Anastrozole (Arimidex), Vitargon (hCG) & Altamofen (Nolva) At this cycle: Week Product Rate 1 - 10 test E 250mg ...
End of 12 week test e 625mg a week
... is i am coming to the end of a 12 week test e only cycle at 625mg a week. (alphapharma:Testobolin) I am 28 years old and did do a few cycles about 5 or 6 years ago of deca and ... suffered from on my previous cycles. So i suppose my question is has anyone else had experience with ALPHA PHARMA TESTOBOLIN (codes on packaging where confirmed authentic on alpha website) also is it possible to put 20lb on in 12 weeks ...
First Cycle .. TEST E Is here :) LOG
... reps on a weight, So will defo be looking forward to strength gain Just got my test E. It said TestoBolin on the box and its Alpha Pharma all packed up nice and neat (hows this brand?) Got 2 boxes of ...

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