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arimi question
arimi question I don't want to sound stupid but how do you get .25 mg out of 1mg arimidex tablets? do you crush them? break them into 4 pieces? how do you do whatever you do? Thanks G Split them in half and do .5 EOD.
How do we know for SURE that gyno isn't a malignant but only benign ?
... abnormally (it is an abnormality for men ) then aren't there quite some chances that it could be a cancer ? What do you guys think ? (nolvadex did nothing at 20mg/d,arimi and aromasin only made me pee the extra water) How ... did deca , meaning that your gyno is prolactin related, I think. dont quote me on that though. What is d,arimi and aromasin? Breast cancer in men is hard like a rock. If it;s a true concern of yours, then ...
We can’t use Letrozole or Arimidex with NOLVA?
... Which one, though? Well, since we are already using Nolvadex, we can’t use Letrozole or Arimidex, as the Nolvadex will actually greatly decrease ... or Deca-Durabolin - nandrolone decanoate - .. Quote posted by bigtasty25 cant use arimi and nolva at the same time because they would diminish the ...
Lets hear some thoughts on this!
... . Actually, I am pretty sure there is a specific winstrol receptor...can't remember the study now, but pretty interesting. I think the pros switch ... for the most part. letro works so much better than nolva or arimi, it's crazy. I would say I love the stuff, but it ...
Halfway through first cycle and wondering
... not eating enough good fats either, a steak and some almounds aren't enough. add some yolks to your eggs, and some efa's ... need all the help I can get. And i cut back my arimi to .5. Originally Posted by Ky316 ok more like 1.5 ounces. ...
Beast's EPI-C Log! *Now with N2Guard*
... a majority pre-workout with the remaining dosage 6 hours later. -PCT - Nolva - 20/20/10/10 UG Pharma Stack: Arimi-T - 2 caps/ED Sovereign - 3 caps/ED Before Bed DAA - 3g/ED On - Cycle Supplements Creatine Monohydrate @ 15-20 grams ... to make sure this dad takes care of himself for his family, and having a product like N2 Guard doesn't break my bank! Originally Posted by MeatHead96 I was about to ask that question. Good read. I only take 5g ...
Going from TRT to a "real" cycle..
... opinions. I started TRT 4 weeks ago; 200mg test cyp /1xweek, plus .5 arimi EOD and 250u hcg/2xweek. test level went from 650 to 1070, Estrogen ... right section Agree with the above post. I'm assuming this isn't real hrt because you would have to consider blood work for a few ...
40/40/20 Hows this for bulking ???
... MG ( I decided to upp it week 3 just because i had some left over t-200) Equipoise - boldenone undecylenate - 400MG both for 10 weeks Arimidex .25 a day ( I am ... weeks. Later 12 LBS in 5 weeks the gains are pretty solid due to the arimi. I have very little bloat. I am putting on a little fat but ...
experienced only; What would you do with these items for a GREAT CYCLE
... as serge suggested you might want to consider Finaplix - trenbolone acetate - .. i don't know about comps or cycles to get ready for them.. but ... ALL.. so why take it? Anti-E ?? what's the point if you got arimi? " Equipoise - boldenone undecylenate - will mostlikely up his appetite, but self ...
Mattrag's summer cut log
... Page 2 Quote posted by RickRock13 I don't feel so shredded lately. I've been holding a couple lbs of water that is ... Steel 4 caps PCT (aromatase inhibitor product) no workout, but I am going to dose arimi EOD, torem 60mgs this week, then 30mgs next week. I will see how my estrogen fluctuates ...

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